English Hospitals (RCHME Survey)

These pages reproduce the gazetteer of English Hospitals that appears in the appendix of English Hospitals 1660-1948, A Survey of their Architecture and Design, published in 1998 by the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England. The fieldwork and research was carried out by Ian Goodall, Kathryn Morrison, Ian Pattison, Robert Taylor, Colin Thom and myself. Between us we researched and wrote the book, which I then edited.

The gazetteer is arranged county by county, in alphabetical order by town or parish. The ID number after the grid reference refers to the record file compiled during the three years of fieldwork undertaken between 1990 and 1993. These files can be consulted at Historic England Archives, Swindon. Their contents vary; most have a report, maps, photographs and photocopies of articles from the architectural press of the time, Kelly’s Directories etc.  Some are thinner, and may have little more than a map and record sheet. I would advise contacting the Archive prior to a visit to make sure the contents of the file justify a visit.

Many of the sites were photographed by the RCHME’s professional photographers, and by the aerial photographers. Photocopies of these are likely to be in the file, but originals may be in another part of the archive. It was pre-digital days, so they are all prints and mostly black and white.