In 1989-90 I undertook a survey of Scottish Hospitals, funded by a grant from the Scottish Research Council. This resulted in an unpublished gazetteer and formed the basis of a short book, published by Historic Scotland in 2010 entitled Building up your Health – available free as a PDF here.

I thought it was high time that the gazetteer should be both updated and shared more widely and so I started this blog. There are pages covering each area of Scotland in which there is a list of the hospitals, past and present. I am slowly updating the original gazetteer entries and adding maps and illustrations. This is a work in progress, so will change and grow over the coming months. In addition I have been writing occasional posts, highlighting particular sites or building types.

I would also like to share some of the work that I was involved in for the Royal Commission on the Historic Monuments of England’s survey of hospital buildings undertaken in 1991-4, and which resulted in a large body of work deposited in Historic England’s archives at Swindon and a book published in 1998 English Hospitals 1660-1948. A team of six worked on the hospitals project, based in the RCHME offices in York, Cambridge and London. Robert Taylor in the Cambridge office produced a monthly newsletter which he circulated amongst the team, entitled the Hospitals Investigator. Here you will find extracts from the newsletter in occasional blog posts.

Since the publication of English Hospitals I have been working on the Survey of London, currently working on Oxford Street.

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  1. Dear Harriet,

    Please get in touch re. the RHfSC Edinburgh. I’m trying to compile a bid whereby the buildings are not lost to public use – cultural and arts like Summerhall – and maintaining a history of the place.




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