Harriet Richardson

Survey of London,

c/o Historic England,

1 Waterhouse Square, 138-142 Holborn,

London ECIN 2ST


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  1. Tina Colonnese says:

    How would I find records of my great grandmother, Christina Cooper (born Glasgow 1871) who is consistently listed as a ‘private nurse’ or ‘lady’s nurse’ in glasgow, scotland between 1890-1911. Apparently she entered ww1, working in the French trenches but can find nothing on her.


    • Hi Tina, have you been in touch with Glasgow University Archives? They have records of the Glasgow College of Nursing and Midwifery – it may be that your great grandmother trained there. The Red Cross archives may be able to shed light on her work during the First World War, and local newspapers are always worth searching. You may already have tried The Mitchell Library and the Imperial War Museum, but if not then I would add them to the list. The archivists are always the best people to ask for help. They can often suggest new places to search that you may not have thought of.
      Good luck with you research,
      best wishes
      from Harriet


  2. Jim Leslie says:

    Dear Harriet
    You may remember that some years ago you generously sent me a copy of your hospitals survey which was of considerable benefit to the survey of Highland hospitals which I was then undertaking along with my son. I remain eternally grateful. Just to let you know that we continue our work and have now published 3 booklets – on Skye, Nairn and Lochaber. One on Inverness is due out soon. Details of the History of Highland Hospitals Project can be found at

    Very best wishes Love your blog!

    Jim Leslie


    • Dear Jim,
      Yes I do indeed remember you, thank you for getting in touch and so glad you like the blog. I will be ordering copies of your booklets, and look forward to reading them. I will be able to fill in some gaps, and no doubt correct mistakes I’ve made. Your website looks really useful too, I will have a proper look later and put a link on this website.
      thanks again,
      best wishes from Harriet


  3. Jim Leslie says:

    Dear Harriet
    Just to let you know that the slide show which you have on Nairn from A Gurn fron Nurn is actually my material which is unacknowledged by them and which you will note has my email address on the final slide. I created it for a talk I gave at the opening of the new hospital and left a copy with Nairn Hospital so that they could run it on their plasma screens in the waiting room. I’m really sorry that it was passed on to you without any reference to myself and I’m taking it up with those involved in Nairn. All of the information is of course in my book – The Hospitals of Nairn.
    Enjoyed your post on the Belvedere!
    Best wishes
    Jim Leslie


    • Dear Jim, apologies for not spotting that the material on Nairn was your copyright, I will remove the last paragraph and put in a reference to your publication in its place. Glad you enjoyed the Belvidere piece – as usual I was sad to see all the old blocks have been demolished, but I guess folks don’t much want to live in an old smallpox hospital.
      Best wishes,
      from Harriet


      • Jim Leslie says:

        Many thanks Harriet

        The problem for me was that the resource had been uploaded to the Nairn site without any reference or acknowledgement to myself. I’ve taken this up with them. If there is any problem I can always upload a version to my own site and will be pleased to link this with you.

        Best wishes



  4. David MacKenzie says:

    I live in what was Newhills Sanatorium. The entry in the Aberdeen list says “see Aberdeenshire”, but I cannot find an Aberdeenshire page. Am I missing something?


    • Dear David,
      Thank you for getting in touch, I had put the entry for the Sanatorium under the heading Newhills Home – its original name. I have amended the entry to read ‘Newhills Sanatorium, Bucksburn (Newhills Home) – so hopefully you will be able to find it now – it is under Aberdeenshire. If you had any photos of the building as it is now, that you would be willing to add to the page, I would be very grateful.


  5. Lorna says:

    Hello I am trying to find my Great Grandmother Mary Violetta Vaughan it seems she was here in 1910-1911 but not sure if before or not
    She was born 1862 and died in 1912 in Seaford
    Thanks so much


  6. Miss D Mary Hornby says:

    Hello Harriet,
    I have been trying to find details of the Red Cross Hospital used in WWI, The Bellahouston or Cardonald. I cannot find anything on the internet. Any ideas please?
    Regards, Mary


  7. Miss D Mary Hornby says:

    Sorry Harriet, I omitted the fact that it was in Glasgow.


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