Yorkshire (West Yorkshire)


High Royds Hospital (Second West Riding Lunatic Asylum; Menston Asylum) SE 175 430 102627


Carlinghow Nursing Home (Batley and District Cottage Hospital; Batley and District Hospital) SE 237 251 102549

Oakwell Hospital (Oakwell JHB Infectious Diseases Hospital) SE 221 277 102637

Oakwell Smallpox Hospital SE 226 275 102636


Bingley Hospital (Bingley Cottage Hospital) SE 114 393 102373


Bierley Hall Hospital (Bierley Hall Sanatorium) SE 176 295 102642

Bradford Children’s Hospital SE 152 347 102613

Bradford Royal Infirmary (Bradford Infirmary) SE 163 331 102457

Bradford Royal Infirmary (New Royal Infirmary) SE 136 345 102456

Calverley Hospital (Pudsey, Parsley, Calverley, Eccleshill and Idle Hospital for Infectious Diseases) SE 194 344 102652

Leeds Road Hospital (Bradford Fever Hospital; Bradford Fever and Smallpox Hospital; City Hospital) SE 774 330 102641

North Bierley Hospital (North Bierley Joint Hospital for Infectious Diseases) SE 178 270 102643

Royal Eye and Ear Hospital (Bradford Eye and Ear Hospital) SE 161 334 102628

St Catherine’s Home (St Catherine’s Home for Cancer and Incurables) SE 151 348 102572

St Luke’s Hospital (Bradford Union Workhouse) SE 158 320 102316

Westwood Hospital (Westwood Institution for Mental Defectives) SE 123 303 102547


Brighouse JHB Infectious Diseases Hospital SE 151 235 102645


Castleford, Normanton and District Hospital (Castleford, Normanton and District Cottage Hospital) SE 417 249 102550


Dewsbury Infirmary,(Boothroyds) Halifax Road SE 242 223 BF102455 Built in 1883 to designs by Kirk & Sons of Dewsbury. Fine Gothic building, originally with 40 beds, enlarged in 1909. Replaced by a new hospital in 1930 and was used as municipal offices. Converted to private flats in the 1990s.

The former Dewsbury Infirmary, Halifax Road, Dewsbury, photographed in December 2007
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Humphrey Boltongeograph.org.uk/p/632825

Dewsbury General Hospital (demolished) SE 238 221 BF102454 Built in the 1920s to replace the earlier infirmary in Halifax Road. Demolished in about the 1980s to make way for a housing development and replaced by new buildings at Staincliffe

Mitchell Laithes Isolation Hospital (Dewsbury and District Joint Infectious Diseases Hospital) Demolished SE 259 204 BF102653    Built in 1905 to designs by G A Fox and Holtham, the hospital originally comprised two ward blocks, administration block and ancillary buildings. Two further ward blocks were added between the wars. The site was cleared some time between 1982 and 1993.

Dewsbury and District Hospital (Staincliffe General Hospital, Dewsbury Union Workhouse) SE 233 228 BF100852  The workhouse for Dewsbury Union was built c.1854 to designs by  Henry Francis Lockwood and William Mawson and comprised a three-storey main block with a range of entrance blocks to the east. There was a school block to the north and an infirmary. In 1893, a row of cottage homes were built to the south of the workhouse. Each home accommodated 12 children and a foster mother (all now demolished).

Between 1890 and 1895 a new infirmary was built to the south of the workhouse complex – this substantially survives. It was extended in 1907 and a nurse’s home  built in 1909. The architect was A.W. Hanstock. Between the wars it became the Staincliffe Institution, becoming Staincliffe General Hospital under the NHS in 1948. One of the first additions to the site were new ward units for the elderly. Opened in 1960 by the Princess Royal, this double-courtyard plan, flat-roofed, single storey unit was designed by Yorke, Rosenberg & Mardall, with in put on the design from the secretary to the Regional Hospitals Board, W. A. Shee. The new unit had the distinction of being the first entirely new general hospital wards to be opened in the West Riding since the establishment of the NHS, and the first of their kind to be provided for geriatric cases. The unit has since been either rebuilt entirely on the same footprint, or so altered as to be unrecognisable.

Further additions to the west were built in the 1960s/70s, but the major change came in the 1980s when the site was extended considerably, with two new large complexes to create a new district general hospital for the area, replacing the inter-war Dewsbury Hospital.

[Sources: The Hospital, July 1960, pp. 557-62]

Whitley Sanatorium (Thornhill Hospital; Whitley Hospital) SE 229 182 102639


Green Lane Hall Hospital (Green Lane Hall Sanatorium) SE 129 284 102040

Halifax General Hospital (Halifax Union Infirmary) SE 096 232 100859

Halifax Infirmary (Halifax Infirmary and Dispensary) SE 090 250 102263

Halifax Royal Infirmary (Halifax General Infirmary) SE 089 241 102458

Northowram Hospital (Northowram Hall Isolation Hospital) SE 110 277 102649


Stoney Royd Isolation Hospital (Halifax Borough Fever Hospital) SE 099 241 102650


Holme Valley Memorial Hospital SE 144 092 102569


Huddersfield Royal Infirmary (Huddersfield and Upper Agbrigg Infirmary) SE 141 169 102460

Mill Hill Hospital (Huddersfield Sanatorium for Infectious Diseases) SE 172 171 102638

St Luke’s Hospital (Huddersfield Union Workhouse; Crosland Moor Workhouse) SE 126 154 100853


Coronation Hospital (Ilkley Coronation Cottage Hospital; Ilkley Coronation Hospital) SE 123 475 102372

Grove Convalescent Hospital (Ilkley Bath Charity Hospital; Ilkley Hospital and Convalescent Home) SE 116 475 BF102371. Convalescent hospital built in 1862 to designs by Perkins and Backhouse. Enlarged in 1885 and 1896 to designs by C H Hargreaves. A lodge was added between 1907 and 1934. Now Abbeyfield Grove House, care home.

Middleton Hospital (Middleton Sanatorium) SE 131 492 102025

Scalebor Park Hospital (Third West Riding Lunatic Asylum) SE 169 458 102626

Wharfedale Children’s Hospital (Wharfedale Joint Isolation Hospital) SE 175 445 102035


County Hospital (Keighley Union Infirmary) SE 049 406 100858

Keighley and District Victoria Hospital (Keighley Cottage Hospital) SE 060 410 102578

Keighley, Bingley and Shipley JHB Fever Hospital and Sanatorium (Keighley and Bingley JHB Infectious Diseases Hospital; Morton Banks War Hospital) SE 084 422 102640

Keighley Union Workhouse SE 055 408 100857


Storthes Hall Hospital (Fourth West Riding Lunatic Asylum) SE 179 123 102003


Chapel Allerton Hospital SE 311 366 102019

Cookridge Hospital (Cookridge Convalescent Hospital) SE 254 390 102014

Crooked Acres Hospital SE 260 364 102026

The Hollies SE 2760 3775. Villa built between 1880 and 1890, designed for the Brown family by William Thorp of Leeds. Presented to the city with its grounds as a memorial to the fallen of World War One after 1920. The notable rock gardens are now a public park. The house was altered to a convalescent home between 1920 and 1950 and became a home for the elderly between 1950 and 1990.

Holbeck Union Workhouse SE 295 319 102029

Hospital for Women (Hospital for Women and Children) SE 294 341 102022

Hunslet Union Workhouse SE 306 317 102298

Ida and Robert Arthington Hospital (Ida Hospital) SE 255 389 102013

Jewish Herzl Moser Hospital (Theodor Herzl Memorial Home) SE 309 352 102038

Killingbeck Hospital (Killingbeck Smallpox Hospital; Killingbeck Sanatorium) SE 344 349 102017

Leeds Dispensary (Leeds Public Dispensary) SE 290 330 102574

Leeds General Infirmary (Leeds Infirmary) SE 297 341 102031

Leeds House of Recovery SE 315 343 102644

Leeds Infirmary SE 297 336 102062

Leeds Maternity Hospital SE 291 344 102021

Leeds School of Medicine SE 295 340 102039

Meanwood Park Hospital (Meanwood Hall Colony for Defectives; Meanwood Park Colony) SE 286 382 102020

Seacroft Hospital (Manston Smallpox Hospital; Manston Infectious Diseases Hospital) SE 350 345 102010

St James’s University Hospital (Leeds Union Workhouse) SE 317 347 102018

St Mary’s Hospital (Bramley Union Workhouse; St Mary’s Infirmary) SE 256 338 102028

Wyther Infants’ Hospital SE 259 347 102027


Colne and Holme Valleys Joint Isolation Hospital SE 091 124 102651

Meltham Mills Convalescent Home, Moor View Convalescent Home (Royd Edge School), Royd Road, Meltham, Kirklees. A former convalescent home built between 1868 and 1871 by Charles Brook, junior; part of the Brook family who owned the large Meltham Mills complex. The convalescent home was stone built and to a Gothic design. It had a central service and administrative block with symmetrical wings. The home was also known as Moor View. It closed in 1968 and has been used as the Royd Edge school since.


Mirfield Memorial Hospital (Mirfield Memorial Cottage Hospital) SE 206 203 102548


Churwell Grange Isolation Hospital (Grange Isolation Hospital) SE 278 292 102012


Wharfedale General Hospital (Wharfedale Union Workhouse; Otley Institution) SE 198 465 102024


Northgate Lodge Hospital (Pontefract Union Workhouse; Headlands Hospital) SE 456 223 102264

Pontefract General Infirmary (Pontefract Dispensary and Cottage Hospital) SE 458 218 102575


Woodlands Convalescent Home SE 200 390 BF102573. Convalescent home built in 1876-7 to designs by Andrew and Pepper. It consistes of two wings to segregate the sexes and a central conservatory. The building is two-storeys tall, cruciform in plan and designed to accommodate 120 patients.


Haigh Hospital (Rothwell Isolation Hospital; Rothwell, Methley and Hunslet Joint Isolation Hospital) SE 345 288 102016

Hunslet Smallpox Hospital (Rothwell Methley and Hunslet Joint Smallpox Hospital) SE 345 302 102030

St George’s Hospital (Hunslet Union Workhouse; Rothwell PLI) SE 330 289 102015


Heaton Royds Hospital (Shipley and Windhill Joint Infectious Diseases Hospital) SE 138 364 102648

Sir Titus Salt’s Hospital SE 140 370 102579


Warde Aldham Hospital (Warde Aldham Cottage Hospital) SE 466 102 102580


Fielden Hospital (Fielden Hospital for Infectious Diseases) SD 965 244 102037

Stansfield View Hospital (Todmorden Union Workhouse) SD 962 238 102265

Todmorden Hospital (Sourhall Smallpox Hospital; now Sourhall Road Cottages) SD 918 246 102036


Ackton Hospital (Normanton, Castleford, Featherstone, Whitwood and Altofts Joint Isolation Hospital) SE 414 221 102654

Carr Gate Hospital (Wakefield and District Smallpox Isolation Hospital; Carr Gate Isolation Hospital) SE 314 240 102647

Clayton Hospital (Clayton Hospital and Wakefield Dispensary) SE 329 214 102459

Snapethorpe Hospital SE 302 198 102646

Stanley Royd Hospital (West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum) SE 337 217 102625

Wakefield Western County Hospital (Wakefield Union Workhouse) SE 343 207 100856


Wharfe Grange Hospital (Wetherby Union Workhouse) SE 398 484 102023