Richardson Hospital (Robert Richardson Convalescent Home), John Street NZ 054 168 BF102197. A late-19th century villa built by its owner for use as a convalescent home. The building was converted and extended in the late 1930s or early 1940s. It was taken over as an EMS hospital dring WWII. A geriatric unit was added in 1968

Teesdale Union Workhouse, Galgate NZ 054 169 BF102200. Teesdale Union Workhouse was a stone building erected in 1838 at a cost of £2,500. It could accommodate 138 inmates. An infirmary and infectious ward were built near the workhouse at a cost of over £3,000 between 1857 and 1892. The main workhouse buildings had been demolished by 2005, but two other buildings (including the infirmary) in the north east corner of the site were still extant.

The infirmary consisted of a two-storey building of stone with a Welsh slate roof, originally with an eight-bay long frontage, which had been extended by two bays by 1892. The two central bays of the original building project forward slightly and are surmounted by a gable; the three-bay wings to either side have a door next to the centre bay. The two-bay extensions comprise of a room and an end sanitary tower. A second two storey building, in the same materials with an eight-bay long front and two doors, may be the infectious ward or domestic workhouse accommodation. Its doors lead into stair halls with staircases with stone steps, iron balusters and iron handrails.

By 1939, it had become a Public Assistance Institution. It was administered as a single unit during World War II by the Emergency Medical Scheme along with the neighbouring Robert Richardson Convalescent Home. In 2005, the two remaining buildings were known as Claire House and may have been converted into residential accommodation.

Witham Hall (Witham Testimonial) NZ 050 165 102199


Binchester Whins Hospital (Auckland, Shildon and Willington JHB Smallpox Hospital; Binchester Whins Smallpox Hospital) NZ 218 328  102219

Bishop Auckland General Hospital (Bishop Auckland Union Workhouse; Oaklands PLI) NZ 208 290  102207

Homelands Hospital (Auckland, Shildon and Willington Joint Isolation Hospital; Helmington Row Fever Hospital) NZ 178 349 102210

Lady Eden Day Unit (Lady Eden Cottage Hospital; Bishop Auckland Cottage Hospital) NZ 210 290 102208

Tindale Crescent Hospital (Auckland, Shildon and Willington JHB Infectious Diseases Hospital) NZ 199 276 102209


Brandon and Byshottles Urban District Fever Hospital NZ 235 400 102672


Chester-le-Street Hospital (Chester-le-Street Union Workhouse) NZ 274 508 102216

Highfield Hospital (Chester-le-Street Hospital for Infecdous Diseases) NZ 273 524 102217


Chilton Health Centre NZ 280 290 102491


Consett Infirmary NZ 090 510 102489

Richard Murray Hospital NZ 090 500 102490

Shotley Bridge General Hospital (Shotley Bridge Sanatorium; Shotley Bridge Ministry of Pensions Hospital) NZ 103 527 102213


Darlington Memorial Hospital (Darlington War Memorial Hospital) NZ 283 152 102194

East Haven Hospital (Darlington Union Workhouse; Feetham Infirmary) NZ 301 142 102201

Greenbank Hospital (Darlington Hospital and Dispensary; Darlington Hospital) NZ 285 152 102195

Hundents Day Unit (Darlington Infectious Diseases Hospital; Darlington Municipal Borough Fever Hospital) NZ 301 145 102203

Russell Street Hospital (Darlington Hospital and Dispensary) NZ 291 148 102202


Dryburn Hospital NZ 263 437 102223

Durham County Hospital NZ 267 427 102220

St Margaret’s Hospital (Durham Union Workhouse; Crossgate Hospital) NZ 268 424 102221


Thorpe Hospital (Easington Rural District Infectious Diseases Hospital; Thorpe Isolation Hospital) NZ 418 426 102339


Maiden Law Hospital (Lanchester Joint Isolation Hospital) NZ 166 487 102214


Aycliffe Hospital (School Aycliffe Mental Colony) NZ 261 234 102196


Lanchester Sanatorium NZ 177 498 102364

Lanchester Union Workhouse NZ 164 475 102218

Langley: Langley Park Hospital (Lanchester JHB Infectious Diseases Hospital) NZ 208 445 102671


Dinsdale Park Retreat NZ 342 121 102412


Barnard Castle Fever Hospital (Barnard Castle Infectious Diseases Hospital) NZ 052 182 102198


Felix House Private Sanatorium NZ 345 131 102300

Middleton Hall Mental Hospital (now Middleton Hall Nursing Home) NZ 358 132 102299

Ropner Convalescent Home NZ 340 130 BF102526. Two-storey, brick built convalescent home, opened in 1893 for men, women, boys and girls over the age of 9 years opened in 1893. Dormer windowns in roof. 65 beds for two hundred patients.


Seaham Hall Sanatorium (now Seaham Hall Nursing Home) NZ 410 505 102369

Seaham Infirmary NZ 429 496 102425


Sedgefield Community Hospital (Winterton EMS Hospital; Sedgefield General Hospital) NZ 360 311 102212

Sedgefield Institution (Sedgefield Union Workhouse) NZ 353 286 102205

Winterton Hospital (Durham County Lunatic Asylum; Winterton Mental Hospital) NZ 356 306 102204

Winterton Hospital, South View (Sedgefield RDC Isolation Hospital) NZ 355 298 102234

Winterton Hospital, Ward 40 (Sedgefield RDC Isolation Hospital) NZ 360 313 102233


Sherburn Hospital (Christ’s Hospital) NZ 308 416 102239

Spennymoor: Spennymoor UDC Isolation Hospital (now The Gables) NZ 251 327 102206


Horn Hall Hospital (Durham County Consumption Sanatorium; Stanhope Sanatorium) NY 989 392 102211


South Moor Hospital (South Moor and Craghead Welfare Fund Hospital; Holmside and South Moor Hospital) NZ 200 515 102215


Earl’s House Hospital (Earl’s House Sanatorium) NZ 251 451 102222


Holywood Hospital (Durham County Sanatorium; Holywood Hall Sanatorium) NZ 073 383 102670

Leazes House Sanatorium NZ 069 374 102669